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May 31, 2017

NWH at His Keyboard

The very first day of September 2016 gave me a gift: a fleshed-out idea for a new song. That song joins two other as-yet-unreleased ones in my expanding music stockpile, and I hope to release an EP’s worth within the year.

For those of you who do not know, “EP” stands for “Extended Play.” It usually comprises about four to six tracks. Although I fancy the full album format, EPs occupy a unique niche: they can accommodate an idea more fleshed-out than a single but less fleshed-out than an album. Sometimes, I can fulfill a vision in only five tracks. The present feels like one of those times.

Anyway, keep your eyes peeled (but not too gruesomely) for more announcements as the year marches (or Aprils) on.

Back to the Keyboard

August 23, 2016

NWH at His Keyboard

In “The Studio” again.

NPR Tiny Desk Contest: “The Terrible Guy”

February 13, 2016

Entrant in 2016 NPR Tiny Desk Contest

With Dreams of Pneuma having launched to special praise (you can buy a copy, read about the album, or visit my YouTube Channel), my next musical venture lies somewhere ahead. NPR recently announced a contest seeking videos of musicians playing their music, to feature the winner in its well-known Tiny Desk Concert. I submitted a keyboard-and-vocals demo of (most of) a new song called “The Terrible Guy.” Take a look at my video on the NPR site.

I believe this song has some of my best lyrics and music ever; I hope NPR feels similarly enthusiastic. In the meantime, leave an iTunes review for Dreams of Pneuma if it meant something to you.

Tonight: Dreams of Pneuma • The Bennington College Premiere

October 9, 2015

Dreams of Pneuma made its entrance last weekend, October 2nd through 4th. For an equally exciting sequel to those events, I am having a second premiere in Bennington College’s Kinoteca movie theater tonight: Friday, October 9, at 10:30. If by any chance you might find yourself in the area of Bennington, Vermont, I invite you to come listen to my whole album.

Dreams of Pneuma at The Empty Spaces Project

October 9, 2015

The Empty Spaces Project, an increasingly popular gallery in Putnam, CT, held a public release party for my new album, Dreams of Pneuma, on Friday, October 2nd. With great thanks to my hosts, Paul Toussaint and Ann Monteiro, I played two live piano arrangements of songs from the album (“Peter” and “One Yard to the Next”) and sold a few of the freshly-printed CDs in my own little booth. Here I am playing live (left to right: my brother, me):

NWH at The Empty Spaces Project, Photo 1

And here is the general scene through the gallery window, from outside:

NWH at The Empty Spaces Project, Photo 2

The Empty Spaces Project is a good place created and visited by good people, and I am grateful to Paul and Ann for their hospitality, particularly in light of how I’ve scarcely had anything in my life as important to me as the creation of this album.

Album Trailer • Dreams of Pneuma

September 27, 2015

Introducing Dreams of Pneuma, my first album ever, which I began making in January 2014 and finished just this September.

Written, arranged, performed, mixed, and “artworked” by me, with additional performances by Dan Wallace, Tido Holtkamp, and Joe Jewett, additional recording by Mark Thayer, and mastering by John McCaig’s panicStudios, it features eleven songs, the best I can write. Look for Dreams of Pneuma on lavishly-packaged CD and in digital form this coming weekend (October 2nd-4th). You’ll be able to order a CD directly from me (and I consider the CD the complete version of the album, as you would miss so much without the artwork and writing on the packaging) or from CD Baby or Amazon. The digital version will appear on iTunes and other online stores. Watch for more information in only a few days as my first album really comes into being.

NH, DW, NYC, etc.

June 12, 2015

In January 2014, I traveled to New York City to work with my favorite-musician-turned-friend, Dan Wallace. He wrote about my time with him on his website.

We have since been collaborating, the product of which is coming very soon.

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