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Dreams of Pneuma
LP - 11 Songs
October 2015

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  • The Day of Mons
  • Magic Hands
  • You Loom
  • The Bell Knolls
  • My Least Favorite Silhouette
  • Dexter / Sinister
  • In the Middle Time
  • The Owl Music Room
  • Peter
  • One Yard to the Next
  • Dreams of Pneuma

About Dreams of Pneuma

This is my first album. I began creating it in January 2014 after an extremely sad personal event. Gathering old ideas and creating many more new ones, I worked on the album constantly until its release in October 2015. It consists entirely of original music. Featuring my singing and instrument-playing throughout, the album also includes additional appearances by Dan Wallace, who plays a self-composed guitar solo on “In the Middle Time” and joins me to sing on “Magic Hands”; Tido Holtkamp, who plays drums on the four songs that feature a full drum kit; and Joe Jewett, who plays violin on “Peter” and “Magic Hands.” I produced the whole album as well (besides some recording done by Mark Thayer at Signature Sounds Recording Studio and mastering for the entire album by John McCaig at panicStudios). With probably several thousand hours behind it, Dreams of Pneuma is, by far, the biggest project I have ever worked on.

Although I believe the songs stand well on their own, the album is best when you listen to it all in one sitting. Beyond that, the fewer words I utter about Dreams of Pneuma, the better, because these 50 minutes of music are everything I have to say.

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