... And collaborators of all stripes. Here you can find the creations and online
homes of people I know and love, from musicians to milk-painters and more.

Heidi Howard - www.heidihoward.com

My mother, a gifted tavern sign maker and painter (she often uses a traditional paint called milk paint, hence the reference at the top of this page).

Todd Howard

Todd (who designed my mother's site, featured above) is my imaginative and inspiring cousin. He has a few projects to his name:

Todd's Site - www.toddhoward.com

Howard Digital Media - www.howarddigitalmedia.com

Todd's home for his many (ad)ventures in “film and video production, DVD authoring, website design and development, music composition and production, and Mac software training.”

Gaillion - www.gaillion.com

A well-received “rather progressive and heavily Rush-influenced” trio featuring Todd and fellow musicians Don Gunn and James Vasquenza.

lynda.com - www.lynda.com

Where Todd currently, enthusiastically works as an audio training producer.

Dan Wallace - Dispatches from the Untrammeled Mind - www.untrammeledmind.com

My favorite-musician-turned-dear-friend, mentor, and musical collaborator, and a truly unique, remarkable person. He writes on philosophy and other subjects in addition to his music-making.

Paul Howard

An accomplished guitar player and teacher, and the father of my cousin Todd. He too has a few projects up his sleeve:

Last Fair Deal - www.lastfairdeal.com

Paul's acoustic band, with mandolinist Phil Zimmerman and fiddler Tom Hagymasi. Features plenty of the aforementioned guitar playing.

Valley Music School - www.paulhowardsvalleymusicschool.com

Paul's school, which includes lessons in guitar, drums, singing, music theory, recording, and just about anything else in the musical realm.

Helen Howard - www.helenhoward.net

A first-class watercolorist who happens to be my grandmother.

Genya Rocca-Owodunni - www.genyaro.com

I designed this website for Genya, a dear friend and talented printmaker.

Vesna Jovanovic - www.vesnaonline.com

A visual artist who works in various media, including ink, paint, photography, ceramics, printmaking, and pencil, and whom I befriended through Dan Wallace (for whom she has regularly made album artwork).

Jon Searles - Jonathan Something - jonathansomething.bandcamp.com

Jon has been a good friend to me for some years now, and these days he makes music under the name Jonathan Something.

Tido Holtkamp - tidoholtkampmusic.com

Tido is a drummer and teacher. The drumming happens with the Doug White Quintet, the Ricky Alfonso Group, the Chris Casey Trio, various other groups, and in all my songs that feature a full drum kit; the teaching happens at my cousin Paul Howard's Valley Music School, among other places.

Joe Jewett - joesviolinmusic.blogspot.com

In one of his many credits, Joe's violin playing can be found on two songs on my album Dreams of Pneuma.

Mark Thayer - Signature Sounds Recording Studio - www.signaturesounds.com/studio

The making of my album Dreams of Pneuma occasionally brought me to this studio in the nearby town of Pomfret, CT, where owner and engineer Mark Thayer recorded the drumming of Tido Holtkamp and the violin-playing of Joe Jewett, as well as some of my piano and vocal performances.

Allen Shawn - allenshawn.com

Allen is a seasoned composer, music teacher, biographer and writer at large, extremely kind person, son of The New Yorker editor William Shawn and brother of actor Wallace Shawn, and much more. I met Allen at Bennington College, where he briefly became my teacher and not so briefly became my friend.

Hans Gruenig - www.gruenig.net

Hans has been many things over the years, including my uncle, Ph.D. philosophy professor at Tulane University, Designated Speaker for the Dalai Lama during a New Orleans visit, musician, and all-around interesting person.

Simon Tolkien - www.simontolkien.com

An esteemed novelist and grandson of the singular and the late J.R.R. Tolkien, Simon is a family friend: that is, his family are friends of my family, my family are his friends, and he himself is a friend of my family. His friends who happen not to be my relatives, however, are not my family, nor are they necessarily my friends or my family friends. Who would want to parse such a befuddling description but a family friend?

Eli Schiff - www.elischiff.com

Eli is a designer and design critic. On his blog and in his upcoming book, Humanist Interface, he advocates for the importance of aesthetics in graphical user interfaces and beyond. Eli is a free thinker and diligent constructor of arguments, not to mention a good fellow.

Annabel Davis-Goff - www.annabeldavisgoff.com

Annabel writes novels, essays, and screenplays. She directs Bennington College's Incarceration in America Initiative and Great Meadow Correctional Facility's Prison Education Initiative. Since 2004, she has also taught literature at Bennington, where I embarked on my profoundly fortunate journey as her student and friend.

Curiosities of the internet, sometimes useful, sometimes charming, and often a little bit of both.

TV Tropes - Television Tropes & Idioms - www.tvtropes.org

In my opinion, one of the best sites around. An endlessly engrossing catalogue of tropes in media of all types (not only television), from “Floating Head Syndrome” to “It's Quiet... Too Quiet” to “Hurricane of Euphemisms.”

COURTSYSTEM.ORG - www.courtsystem.org

Find public records and complete contact information for just about any court, district attorney's office, prison, or police department in the United States.

Internet Archive - Wayback Machine - archive.org/web/

A catalogue of the internet. Travel back in time and visit websites as they existed in years past.

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