The following portfolio includes web design, static & animated graphics, logo design, print design/layout, sound design for video, hand-lettering, & illustration.

The Website of Genya Rocca-Owodunni 2017

Web Design

Website, Genya Rocca-Owodunni, Shot 1 Website, Genya Rocca-Owodunni, Shot 2
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Visit at

I designed and coded this website for artist Genya Rocca-Owodunni. During our preliminary discussions, I asked Genya to characterize the feeling she would like her site to exude. We took the following notes:

• Exploration.

• Adventure.

• “Like climbing a tree for the first time... or picking up a pill bug.”

• Slightly foreign: “as if you landed somewhere unusual,” “not in your backyard,” etc.

• Natural History Museum - Trinity College Dublin; “time-consuming collection that someone obviously labored over for a long time, and other people kept it up and were generous enough to share it with the public.”

Per Genya’s request, the site includes a print portfolio, a blog, a “Links” page, and a brief biography. I created each of these sections with care, so as to match the mammoth effort Genya puts into her artwork. The whole site, I believe, boasts some of my best visual and interaction design to date. So, please: browse.

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Lynn von Conta • Slipcover Advertisement 2017

Graphic Design

Slipcover Advertisement, Lynn von Conta, Shot 1 Slipcover Advertisement, Lynn von Conta, Shot 2
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This advertisement, for upholsterer Lynn von Conta, appeared in the January 2017 issue of the New England Antiques Journal. It plays on the concept of sewing patterns.

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Kala Art Institute • Camp Kala Promotions 2016

Graphic Design, Illustration

Newsletter Promotion 1, Kala Art Institute Newsletter Promotion 2, Kala Art Institute Newsletter Promotion 3, Kala Art Institute Newsletter Promotion 4, Kala Art Institute
Newsletter Promotion 5, Kala Art Institute Newsletter Promotion 6, Kala Art Institute Newsletter Promotion 7, Kala Art Institute Newsletter Promotion 8, Kala Art Institute
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As an intern at Berkeley, CA’s Kala Art Institute during January and February 2016, I put my best efforts toward this image suite promoting Camp Kala, a summer program for little ones and... well, medium ones (ages 6-17). Kala provided the course titles and basic information (instructor, dates, times, etc.) and entrusted me with the visual design. The images ultimately went out with Kala’s e-mail newsletter, and on their Facebook page.

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Bennington College Fall Orientation Logo 2015

Logo Design

Logo, Bennington College Autumn Orientation, Shot 1 Logo, Bennington College Autumn Orientation, Shot 2
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Academic Services at Bennington College sought student submissions for a logo to represent its freshman orientation in the fall term. They chose my submission, and the logo traveled about the campus on the t-shirts of all the orientation leaders. I looked to the Bennington campus’s distinctive rusty signs, not to mention the New England autumn season, for color inspiration.

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Narbis • Kickstarter Video 2015

Sound Design, Animation/Motion Graphics

Drawing on the audio-engineering skills I had gained from producing my own music, I cleared up the sound on this promotion for Narbis, a prototype pair of neurofeedback glasses, during my internship at The Fearless Group from January to February 2015. I also created the “lights out” animation at the end.

Update from the Press

The Daily Mail wrote a story on Narbis, and it includes this video.

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Short Story Readers Poster Collection 2013

Graphic Design, Illustration, Print Design

Poster 1, Short Story Readers Poster 2, Short Story Readers Poster 3, Short Story Readers
Poster 4, Short Story Readers Poster 5, Short Story Readers Poster 6, Short Story Readers
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In March 2013, the then-manager of the Bennington College Bookstore asked me to help him found a campus book club, as an attempt to bring together faculty, staff, and students and talk about literature. We chose short stories for our reading material. I compared short stories to “self-contained” television episodes, in that one did not have to be up to date on a larger storyline to enjoy the show; anyone could jump in at any time. We would simply read one story per week.

Short Story Readers was born. I created the format, conducted the meetings, and transformed the Bookstore from a retail store to a somewhat theatrical place every time we met (black sheets over shelves of course materials, chairs arranged in an oval, a giant wooden version of the “logo” I created propped against the back wall, etc.), so that people could see a sea of friendly faces rather than a sea of price tags.

Finally, to promote Short Story Readers, I designed the above posters.

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The Deep EndWA’s Literary Magazine 2012

Print Design/Layout, Illustration, Hand-Lettering

Deep End Literary Magazine Cover, Woodstock Academy

I joined the staff of The Deep End as a senior at Woodstock Academy, a high school in Northeastern Connecticut. The faculty in charge of the annually-published magazine showed me old versions of it, which had become noticeably more scanty-looking as time went on: the previous year’s edition featured only 14 pages (13 when excluding the Table of Contents), no title page, a staff directory pushed to the back cover, no color, and no visual artwork whatsoever, which had been an important component of the magazine earlier in its life.

By the end of that school year (2011-2012), The Deep End featured my front and back cover illustrations, a title page, full color printing, visual art aplenty (photography, painting, ink, digital media, and more), 43 pages of content, new Most Distinguished Art and Most Distinguished Writing features, a staff/acknowledgements page inside, and a distinctive new square design. I requested many of these changes and happily did my part to implement them.

If you inspect any Deep End issue from 2013-2016, you will notice that it closely follows the template set by mine. In 2013, Woodstock Academy even requested reprints of this issue to attract potential students.

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It is a designer’s job to replace these frustrations with happier moments. People remember something fondly (and return for more) when it was great in every way: easy to use, pleasing, fun, friendly, beautiful, and thoughtfully considered. I offer website design and coding, branding and logo design, icon design, print design, animation, copywriting and editing, and graphical services of all kinds (if I’ve omitted a design category here, I would be pleased to discuss it with you). I think seriously about everything I work on so the people who use it never have to.

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